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Accreditation.org is a joint effort of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IBM and the New York Hall of Science intended to provide the general public with on-line resources on accreditation of academic programs in engineering, engineering technology and computing. The portal is managed by the IEEE Educational Activities Board. The purposes of the portal are educational and informational and the target audience is Professionals with an interest in degree program accreditation in engineering, technology and computing; including Professional societies, Licensing bodies, Academic institutions, governmental bodies; and Employers/Industry. However all people interested in pertinent accreditation topics, may find useful information on this portal.

We base our accredited program lists on data provided by the appropriate accrediting organization(s) for each country, and make every effort to ensure that our list of accredited programs is current. We do recommend that site users check with the appropriate accrediting organization(s) to confirm the current program accreditation status before making decisions based on this information.