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Glasgow Declaration 2005

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Overview: The Glasgow Declaration asserts the importance of the universities in shaping Europe's knowledge society. Universities must have both support and autonomy so that the can promote "excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation activities." Universities must have a greater cultural, social, and economic role if they are to respond well to increasing and diverse societal demands. Instituting the Bologna Reforms will be successful only if the universities have the necessary resources. This conference was a call to European governments "to view higher education and research budgets as an investment in the future."

Signatories and Attendees: Over 600 EUA members and partners from over 40 countries. Detailed information is available for the full conference web site, which is listed below.

Mission, Goals, and Achievements: At this meeting, subtitled "Strong Universities for Europe." Key messages were planned at this meeting that were eventually presented at the Bergin Meeting of European Ministers (May 2005). Ideas from these messages have been woven into the text of the Bergen Communiqué, a document that will shape the Bologna process for well into the future.

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