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Accreditation.org provides a continually updated global directory of accredited engineering, engineering technology, and computing degree programs which have been fully accredited by a recognized accrediting body. Search for accredited programs by country, program area (such as civil engineering or computer science), or university name. Results are at the bachelor level unless otherwise noted. 

Accreditation.org only includes listings that are accredited specifically at the program level, which is different from institutional accreditation, and we do not include provisionally accredited programs. We annually refresh our listings, so there is a possibility of a change in accreditation status between updates.

We list information about current accreditation status, which may be different than prior years. If you are seeking confirmation of accreditation for a degree previously earned, we recommend you contact both the university and accrediting body for documentation. We also always recommend reconfirming the accreditation status of a program with both the university and accrediting body prior to embarking on a degree, or hiring an employee. We attempt to be comprehensive but errors may occur. We welcome feedback on any errors or missing degrees.

Please read complete Accredited Program Search Usage Policy for full details and user agreement.


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