Spotlight on Accreditation

Featured News and Content puts a spotlight on recent news, resources, and activities within the world of engineering and computing program accreditation.  We feature stories that will help site visitors gain a little more perspective on the process and benefits of program accreditation.  The most recent spotlight is accessible from our homepage, while an archive of articles is searchable below.

Spotlight Articles

Webinar Explains Austrialian Accrediting Process

EA webinar provides overview of the importance of accreditation and offers insight into the process.

Pakistan Warns Students to Check Accreditation

The HEC Pakistan reminds students to only enroll in accredited programs.

Publication Coverage of Program Accreditation

Several academic journals provide coverage related to the accreditation of academic engineering and computing programs.

How do Programs Achieve and Maintain Accreditation?

How are engineering and computing programs accredited? What is the process?

Washington Accord Adds COREN as Provisional Signatory

The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), is the most recent provisional signatory of the Washington Accord.

India to Adopt Two-tier Structure for Accreditation

India to adopt two-tier structure with overarching management by new group: the National Accreditation Council.

Experts Gather In Bangladesh for Symposium III

Two day symposium addresses changes in Bangladesh engineering education and program accreditation.

Continuous Approach to Program Accreditation

The University of Manitoba explores approaching program accreditation as a part of day-to-day business.

University of Technology, Iraq Earns Iraq’s First Program Accreditation

The Iraqi Council of Accreditation for Engineering Education accredits Iraq’s first engineering program… with more on the way.

EC Futures of Engineering Accreditation Event Journal Released

Engineers Canada has published a document outlining the findings of a recent engineering accreditation session that took the pulse of engineering in Canada and considered how the process of accreditation might need to adapt to reach shared goals.