Message from the Editor

Welcome to!

Welcome to!  This is a comprehensive resource about worldwide accreditation of academic programs in engineering, engineering technology, and computing. Almost all professionals in these fields are prepared for their careers by academic programs. This portal is about maintaining the quality of these programs, which in turn leads to the training of professionals who enhance the health, security and welfare of humans, as well as preserve and protect the environment. is provided by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) as a public service for the benefit of all individuals, institutions and organizations seeking understanding, participation and development of accrediting bodies, their methodologies and value propositions. We hope that it would help many constituencies: students and prospective students who wish to understand the accreditation status of their programs or programs they consider; parents and friends of these students; educators and school administrators who seek information on accrediting bodies and accrediting procedures; employers who consider hiring graduates of engineering programs; and members of the accreditation community. 

As a new site, we know we may suffer from some omissions and errors. We welcome your feedback, corrections, additions, and suggestions. Also, if you found our portal useful in your research, studies or work, please let us know about it and guide us as to how we can make even more effective in the future.

Moshe Kam, Dean, Newark College of Engineering, NJIT