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Biomedical Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Economic computer science BA [45]
Energy and Environmental Systems Technology B.Eng. [45]
Energy management and energy technology M.Eng. [45]
Industrial Biotechnology B.Sc. [45]
Industrial Engineering B.Eng. [45]

HDBW München


Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Industrial Engineering (Part time) B.Sc. [45]
Industrial Engineering B.Sc. [45]
Mechanical Engineering (Part time) B.Eng. [45]

Automotive Engineering [8]
Bioengineering [8]
Building Technology [8] [40]
Civil Engineering [8] [40]
Electrical Engineering - electromobility [8] [40]
Electrical Engineering [8] [40]
Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik [8] [40]
General Engineering [8] [40]
Industrial Engineering [8]
Informatik [8]
Logistics Management [8]
Mechatronics/precision Engineering [8][40]
Micro and Nanotechnology [8][40]
PaperTechnology [8]
Photonics [8][40]
Physical Engineering [8][40]
Production and automation [8][40]
Supply and Building Technology [8] [40]
Systems Engineering [8]
Vehicle Mechatronics [8]
Wirtschaftsinformatik [8]

Biotechnology / Bioengineering M.Sc. [45]
Computer science M.Sc. [45]
Computer science [45]
Elektrotechnik - Elektro mobilität [18] [40]
Elektrotechnik und Informations technik [18] [40]
Regenerative Energien - Energietechnik [18] [40]
Scientific Computing [45]
Stochastic Engineering M.Sc. [45]

Civil Engineering [45]
Construction Management M.Eng. [45]
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology M.Eng. [45]
Informatik [8]
Informationssysteme [8]
Logistics [45]
Surveying and Geoinformatics [45]
Wirtschaftsinformatik [8]


Composites M.Eng. [45]
Engineering [45]
Industrial Engineering [45]
Internet - Web Science M.Sc. [45]
Materials Engineering [45]
Software Engineering for Industrial Applications M.Eng. [45]

Biotechnology / Bioengineering M.Sc. [45]

Aeronautical Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Automotive Engineering Technology (Master) [8][40]
Business Engineering [8][40]
Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility [8][40]
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology [8][40]
Electrical Engineering for Mobile Systems (Master) [8][40]
Engineering Procurement (Master) [8][40]
Engineering and Management [8][40]
Industrial Engineering and Management (Master) [8][40]
Materials Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Mechatronics [8][40]

Applied Computer Science (Master) [8][58]
Business Informatics [8][58]
Computer Science [8][58]
Computer Science – Game Engineering [8]
Electrical Engineering (Master) [8]
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology [8]
Engineering and Management (Master) [8]
Mechatronics [8]

Hochschule Landshut


Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Engineering [8][40]
Car and Utility Vehicle Engineering [8][40]
Electrical Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology [8][40]
Engineering Pedagogy [8][40]
Engineering and Management [8][40]
Mechanical Engineering [8][40]

Business Informatics [45]
Industrial Engineering Logistics [45]
Industrial Engineering [45]
Information Management in Health Care [45]
Mechanical Engineering [45]
Vehicle Technology [45]

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon


Building Services Engineering [8][40]
Chemical and Process Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Civil Engineering [8][40]
International Civil Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Mechanical Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Mechanical Engineering [8][40]
Process Engineering [8][40]


Civil Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Civil Engineering [8][40]
Computer Science (Master) [8][58]
Computer Science [8][58]
Electrical and Computer Engineering [45]
Information Technology [8][58]
Mechatronics [45]
Medical Informatics [8][58]

Civil Engineering [8]
Computer Science (Master)[8][58]
Computer Science [8][58]
Industrial Engineering [8]
Mechanical Engineering [8]

Applied Computer Science [8][58]
Civil and Environmental Engineering (Master) [8]
Energy Systems Engineering [8]
Industrial Engineering [8]
Internet of Things [8]
Mechanical Engineering (Master) [8]
Mechanical Engineering [8]
Mechatronics [8]


Business Informatics (Master) [8]
Business Informatics [8]
Computer Science (Master) [8]
Computer Science [8]
Computer Science and Multimedia (Master) [8]
Computer Science and Multimedia [8]
Computer Science in Engineering (Master) [8]
Computer Science in Engineering [8]
Materials Science and Engineering (Master) [8]
Materials Science and Engineering [8]
Software Engineering (Master) [8]

General Engineering (Master) [8]


Business Informatics [8]
Communication and Information Technology (Master) [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Construction Technology (Master) [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Production Systems (Master) [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Renewable Energy (Master) [45]
Mechanical Engineering [45]

Communication and Information Technology [45]
Environmental Engineering (Master) [8][40]
Environmental Engineering [8][40]

Technical University of Berlin


Agricultural Engineering [77]
Building Technology and Energy Management (Master) [77]
Building and Energy Technology [77]
Civil Engineering (Master)[77]
Civil Engineering [77]
Computer Engineering (Master) [77]
Computer Engineering - Embedded Systems [77]
Electrical Engineering [77]
Electromobility Engineering [77]
Energy and Automation Systems (Master) [77]
Energy and Resource Efficiency (Master) [77]
Engineering Management (Master) [77]
Engineering Management [77]
Engineering Physics (Master) [77]
Engineering Physics [77]
Environmental Engineering and Construction [77]
Geoinformation [77]
Green Engineering - Process Engineering [77]
Humanoid Robotics Engineering [77]
Industrial Engineering (online) [77]
Industrial Engineering - Environment and Sustainability [77]
Industrial Engineering and Management (Master) [77]
Industrial Engineering/Construction [77]
Industrial/Mechanical Engineering [77]
Information and Communication Engineering [77]
Mechanical Engineering Design Technology and Renewable Energy (Master) [77]
Mechanical Engineering [77]
Mechanical Engineering/Production Systems (Master) [77]
Mechatronics [77]
Multimedia Technology (Master) [77]
Multimedia Technology [77]
Packaging Technology (Master) [77]
Packaging Technology [77]
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering [77]
Process Engineering (Master)[77]
Process and Environmental Engineering [77]
Technical Informatics - Embedded Systems (Master) [77]
Urban Infrastructure Planning (Master) [77]

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