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Environmental Engineering [52]
Food Engineering [52]

Cadastre and Land Monitoring (Master) [24][40]
Communication Networks and Commutation Systems [24][40]
Communication Networks and Switching Systems [24][40]
Constructional Nanomaterials (Master) [24][40]
Enterprise Architecture [24][40]
Exploration and Prospecting of Underground Waters and Engineering Land Management and Cadastre [24][40]
Materials Science and Technology (Master) [24][40]
Materials Science and Technology of New Materials [24][40]
Technology of Production and Catering [24][40]

Ingeniería Ambiental [17]
Ingeniería Civil [17]
Licenciatura en Electrónica [17]
Ingeniería en Alimentos [17]
Ingeniería Topográfica y Geodésica [17]
Ingeniería Industral [17]
Ingeniería Mecánica Eléctrica [17]
Ingeniería Mecatrónica [17]
Ingeniería en Geofísica [17]
Ingeniería en Textil [17]
Licenciatura en Ingeniería Agroindustrial [17]
Ingeniería en Química [17]
Ingeniería en Alimentos [17]
Ingeniería en Materiales [17]

Ingenieria en Ciencias de la Computación [36]
Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computación [36]

Agro-Industrial Technology [33]
Agricultural Engineering [67]
Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering [14]

Civil Engineering [37]
Food Science and Engineering [37]

Ingénieur diplômé spécialité systèmes agricoles et agroalimentaires durables au Sud [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité agronome à vocation générale [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialisation innovations dans les systèmes agricoles et agroalimentaires du monde [7]


Food Science and Engineering [37]

South Korea

BS in Advanced Materials Engineering [15]
BS in Agricultural and Rural Engineering [15]
BS in Architectural Engineering [15]
BS in Chemical Engineering [15]
BS in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry [15]
BS in Civil Engineering [15]
BS in Electrical Engineering [15]
BS in Electronics Engineering [15]
BS in Engineering Chemistry [15]
BS in Information and Communication Engineering [15]
BS in Mechanical Engineering [15]
BS in Safety Engineering [15]
BS in Computer Engineering [15]
BS in Computer Science [15]

Halifax Nova Scotia

Agricultural Engineering [6]
Chemical Engineering [6]
Civil Engineering [6]
Electrical Engineering [6]
Environmental Engineering [6]
Industrial Engineering [6]
Materials Engineering [6]
Mechanical Engineering [6]
Mineral Resources Engineering [6]
Computer Science [35]
Computer Science (with Co-op Education option) [35]

South Korea

BE in Food Engineering [15]
BE in Industrial Engineering [15]
BE in Energy Engineering [15]
BE in Materials Science & Engineering [15]


Agricultural/Food Engineering (Master) [24][40]
Automation Engineering (Master) [24][40]
Automation Engineering [24][40]
Automotive/Transportation Engineering [24][40]
Biomedical Engineering [24][40]
Electrical and Electronics Engineering [24][40]
Environmental Protection Engineering [24][40]
Industrial and Civil Construction Engineering [24][40]
Manufacturing/Production Engineering (Master) [24][40]
Mechanical Engineering (Master) [24][40]
Mechatronics Engineering [24][40]
Mechatronic and Robotic Systems [24][40]
Robots and Robotic Systems [24][40]
Safety of Technological Processes and Production [24][40]
Traffic Organization and Safety [24][40]
Water Supply and Sanitation [24][40]

Ingénieur diplômé - grade de Master Agronomie [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé - grade de Master Industries alimentaires [7][40]

Ingénieur diplômé - grade de Master Matériaux [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé - grade de Master Science et technologie des aliments [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé - grade de Master Chimie-physique [7][40]

Ingénieur diplômé- grade de master Agriculture [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé- grade de master Agroalimentaire [7][40]

Ingénieur diplômé spécialité énergétique [7]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité matériaux [7]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité mécanique [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité micro-électronique et automatique [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité sciences et technologies de l'eau [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité sciences et technologies des industries alimentaires [7][40]
Ingénieur diplômé spécialité informatique [7][40]

Agroalimentaire [7][40]


BSc. Agricultural Engineering [48]

Civil Engineering [33]
Electrical Engineering [33]
Electronics and Automation Engineering [33]
Food Engineering [33]
Geological Engineering [33]
Industrial Engineering [33]
Mechanical Engineering [33]
Mining Engineering [33]
Naval Engineering [33]
Oceanographic Engineering [33]
Telecommunications Engineering [33]
Telematics Engineering [33]
Computer Science [33]

South Korea

BS in Architectural Engineering [15]
BS in Electronics Engineering [15]
BS in Environmental Science & Engineering [15]
BS in Food Science & Engineering [15]
BS in Computer Science & Engineering [15]


Agrarmanagement [8]
Industrial Engineering [8]
Informationstechnologie und Internet [8]

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