Engineers Canada Developing Accreditation Report: Spotlight #7

EC to Evaluate Future Possibilities in Engineering Education

Engineers Canada is conducting research and developing a report to review the various types of accreditation systems, and determine how the Canadian engineering accreditation system compares.

According to the RFP, “prior to the coronavirus pandemic, trends in engineering education were indicating an evolution beyond the traditional delivery method of lectures, laboratories, and tutorials towards more collaboration, project-based learning, flipped classrooms and other non-traditional methods. Measures to adapt to the pandemic necessitated a rapid national shift toward non-traditional educational delivery methods.”

An Education Task Force, comprised of educators and those with expertise in regulation and accreditation have been assembled to set the scope for this Project, provide input and oversight of the work, extract key considerations from the Engineering Education Report, and support communication and conversation regarding the report and its key findings with a broad audience.

The RFP may be read here.


Engineers Canada Developing Accreditation Report: Spotlight #7