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ASIIN is a German accreditation agency specialised in accrediting degree programs from the fields of engineering, informatics/computer science, the natural sciences and mathematics at bachelor, Maser and PhD levels. Within an ASIIN programme accreditation procedure, it is possible to acquire specific quality seals (labels) for certain subjects in addition to the ASIIN seal. Currently, the EUR-ACE label for engineering and the Euro-Inf label for computer science and business informatics may be applied for with ASIIN program accreditation.

NOTE: Germany recently adopted a centralized accreditation system with the German Accreditation Council having overarching responsibility for program accreditation.  During this time of transition, is listing German degrees accredited under the prior system which have not expired by the accrediting body at the time of our last annual update, in this case, ASIIN, as well as programs accredited by other groups in Germany and by the GAC itself.  In this transition phase, if you need to clarify the validity of a program accreditation, please check with GAC and the original accrediting body, as well as the university in question.