Association for Engineering Education of Russia

Association for Engineering Education of Russia

Ассоциации инженерного образования России



Accrediting In: Russia Colombia Ecuador Jordan Tajikistan

The Association for Engineering Education of Russia was one of the founding members of the Independent Accreditation Center (IAC), which was the first non-governmental agency for the evaluation of engineering educational programs. In 2001 the AEER initiated the revision of the accreditation criteria and procedures to make them consistent with the world experience in quality assurance in higher education. In 2002, the AEER developed new criteria and procedures for public accreditation of engineering programs. AEER goals and tasks include the professional accreditation of engineering programmes offered by Russian higher education institutions, higher education quality assurance of accredited programmes, and building awareness of accredited educational programmes offered by Russian universties. Graduates of programs accredited by AEER, have the possibility to get certification of engineering qualification, make a claim to be included in professional engineers register, and receive the professional EUR ING Title.