Spotlight: ICAEE (Iraq) Announces First Accredited Engineering Program

University of Technology, Iraq Earns Iraq’s First Program Accreditation

The Iraqi Council of Accreditation for Engineering Education (ICAEE) has announced Iraq’s first fully accredited engineering program has been awarded to the University of Technology, Iraq for their Energy and Renewable Energies Engineering program. This is expected to be the first of many programs accredited by ICAEE, which is the official accrediting organization of Iraq.  The group is very active and working toward signatory status with the Washington Accord. ICAEE accreditation philosophy is based on outcome-based education and continuous quality improvement based on outcome-based assessment.

ICAEE believes that an educational program should display a clear understanding of: Mission, Constituencies, Objectives, Outcomes, Processes (internal practice to achieve the outcomes), Facts (data collection), Evaluation (interpretation of facts) and Actions (decision making and improvement processes).

The University of Technology, Iraq is one of Iraq's largest universities, and specializes in engineering, computer sciences, and applied sciences and technologies. The Energy and Renewable Energies Engineering program prepares students for careers in various conventional and renewable energy fields including solar, wind, bio and other renewable pathways. Find out more at

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